Sunday, September 13

They say your social life begins when you have a car...

Hah~ I still find myself lifeless. Aimless. Hypocritical. Two-faced. One even wanders why am I still doing these things, choir, 6 who died, etc. I guess it became a habit. Something that is deep in me, part of me, intertwined with the very core of my humanity.

Or... maybe, just maybe... I never really left. Or rather, I did but somehow unexpectantly and subconciously I start pushing myself back. Or maybe it is the other way around; someone pulling me back.

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

The questions, the messages, the songs...

Or maybe I'm speculating too much. Maybe I'm still trying to put myself at the center of the universe.

But I still hold on to that faint speck of hope; that He still cares for me.

Friday, August 7

I get it now, Life is short yet not so short...

We fall, we cry, we bleed, we get up and for what? To go through the same process all over again.
Time flies and.... there is only 8+ days left.... Scary. Haha. There I said it. The eccentric blockhead I am is actually scared. Hmmm... Maybe I'm getting a bit too engrossed in my character, but it's not enough.
Wish me luck! (funny, I started believing in luck all over again)

Saturday, July 18

Tired, Sleepy, Exhausted, Drained and the list goes on....

The ironic thing is I seem to be more tired after my slumber than before sleep.

Rush-A-thon was a good waste of time and money, but let by gones be by gones. Studying seems rather appealing to me now, like as if I actually want to study. Soon, very soon.

Disjointed thoughts torments my waking hours.


Thursday, July 16

When life gives you lemons, you suck on it and endure the sourness of life...

There is always a thin line between optimistism and ignorance.

Finals are just next week. It seems time flies when it's nearing the end. So much to do and so little time. Preparation & rehearsal for 15 August, would be choir practices, assignments, presentations, last minute cramming. Maybe this is what I was waiting for. As the saying goes, "My time to shine."

Or I could just roll over and indulge in worries and anxieties and at the end of it all, nothing gets done.

Why am I babbling all these things now? Heh! Must be the impending nervousness for my lack of preparation for oral presentation.

Anyway, as the title goes, I chose not to be too optimistic to the point of ignorance and rather face the problems, hectic-ness and deadlines head on with a smile on my face and survive through them. Yes, these things I faced now will be considered childish and immature but I'm sure they will mature me and make me stronger to take on more difficult trials in the future.

Toodles and may you all suck on your lemons with that in mind.

Monday, July 13

A true story.. well... not exactly

CAST: Lyon, Eng Hoe, Jon
CAMERA MAN: Kimberly

Part 1

There was once a gangster called L,

who goes around beating up people.

While he was about to victimized his 2152463421231th victim called E, J step in.

Just in time, J managed to stopped L from hurting E. E was shocked!

J then confronts L! L was shocked.

And J use the shockness to his advantage and evangelize to both of them.

E & L then kiss and make up.

J says his goodbye and went off to find more good deeds to do.

L then turns back to E and starts to whack him.

E was confused and hurt.

End of Part 1.
Moral of the story: Inward transformation is hard to come by.
Cast takes a break....

while director gets inspiration...
Part 2:
After the encounter with L from part 1, E was hurt. And there he was shuffling along the side walk, caressing his hurt arm.

J spotted E and wonders what had happen.

After hearing his account, J place his hands over E and pray.

E was healed! And they rejoice!

However, shortly after that, E spotted L in the distance.

E tried to attack L but J was there to intervene!

Unfortunately E seemed possessed by anger and tried to takes his revenge. But miraclously, J was able to grab E's arm just in time.

J calms E down and explained what will happen when he takes his revenge on L.

E forgives L.

End of Part 2.
Moral of the story: Forgiveness may not be fair but it sure can end the never ending cycle of revenge .

Thursday, June 11

Blast from the past.

Wednesday, June 10

It's been 4 weeks now...

I've received my RBS letter from myself after 3 months. Still remained unopen. I guess I'm just too ashamed to faced myself.

I Love You Especially